From the  Royal:
Attention Canadian Breeders!
We are keenly aware of the important role that winning a class at The Royal Horse Show plays in the promotion of your breeding stallions. As this has been a difficult year for many of you, The Royal will be offering Canadian Breeders, with horses at stud in Canada, the opportunity to be featured in our online Stallion Showcase. Enter your Stallion and receive the benefit of thousands of eyes around the world.
The Stallion Showcase will be an online publication in conjunction with our “Virtual Royal” presentation in November. The following breeds with competitions at The Royal will be featured:
* Belgian, * Clydesdale, * Percheron, * Welsh Pony,* Sportpony, * Thoroughbred, * Canadian Sport Horse
This is being offered free of charge to Canadian breeders only. All Stallions submitted must be owned or leased by Canadian citizens and be standing at stud in Canada.
To be entered under the Canadian Sport Horse section, stallions must have breeding approval with the CSHA and activated for 2020.
Submission Deadline: September 28, 2020