Membership Benefits

Marketing Power through Genetic Flexibility

The CSHA is incorporated under Agriculture Canada’s Animal Pedigree Act as an Evolving Breed. This designation provides Canadian Sport Horse breeders the freedom and flexiblity to plan individual breeding programs based on both market trends and genetic science. At the same time, breeders benefit from the credibility of registering their stock with a longstanding studbook that is respected worldwide.

Quality Assurance thorough Inspection of your Mares and Stallions

Both mares and stallions presented for CSHA Breeding Approval must successfully undergo a stringent evaluation of conformation, movement and sport horse type. To complete breeding approval, stallions must also complete a performance component either through achievement through sport or a stallion performance test.

Proven Bloodlines producing Proven Performers

Through selective use of foundation stock and performance proven stallions and mares, the Canadian Sport Horse combines the best sport bloodlines available in the world today. The result is improved rideability in a sound, athletic horse for competitive sport. Canadian Sport Horses are engineered to succeed in the disciplines of dressage, jumper, hunter and eventing at all levels of competition.

Members also enjoy:

  • Voting rights at national and provincial meetings
  • Eligibility to run for postion on board of directors
  • Registration privileges at member rates
  • Participation at CSHA Breeders Shows
  • Eligible for year end awards where applicable
  • CSHA E-newsletter
  • FB/Website classifieds for members’ horses