Due to the continuing Covid Restrictions, in person AGMs, both National & Provincial will not be held at this time. Further details will be provided as they are confirmed.

As per our By-Laws – the number of National Directors is linked to the number of members in a particular region based on the previous year end numbers -1 Director per 100 members or part thereof. Ontario has consistently recorded over 200 members equating to 3 directors. 2020 saw this
drop to 190.This has been discussed with the Animal Registration Officer of Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada with the following response:
With respect to your current by-laws regarding the number of National Board members, maintaining the same number as the previous year would be appropriate. I agree that the drop in members appears to be substantially due to the pandemic. If the drop in the number of members is sustained into the new year, you will need to revisit it at that time. Meanwhile, maintaining the activities of the association and providing service to members is a priority. 

There are open seats on the National, Alberta and Ontario Provincial Boards. Nomination forms are listed below. You must be a current 2021 member to nominate and a to accept a nomination. Nominations are due by noon, Monday, February 15, 2021.

2021 National Director Nomination
2021 Alberta Director Nomination
2021 Ontario Director Nomination
2021 Membership New & Renewal